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The Half Guard


In this video I will teach you a high percentage Half Guard Sweep ! One of the most confusing positions in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is the half Guard and it can be the most frustrating position, or it can become your favorite position. There are many sweeps and submissions from the Half Guard, however, you need to put in a lot of time drilling and working positional training to become proficient at the Half Guard !

Nova Uniao is on a Roll

Nova Uniao Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is on a Roll

Hey Zombie BJJ friends and fans… I just wanted to make a quick post to report on the awesome results our Team is having so far this year on the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition scene. So far in 2012 we have won 3 titles in the IBBJF competitions to include the Phoenix Open, The Dallas Open in Texas and the Brazilian Nationals! Be on the look out for Nova Uniao to make an Impact this year at the BJJ Worlds in California.

Zombie Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu will be bring some competitors from Abilene, TX to represent the Team at the World Championships this year, so look out for Jeremy Henderson and Joseph Tonche to represent Abilene, TX, Zombie BJJ and Nova Uniao this year at the Worlds!

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Zombie BJJ Online

Zombie BJJ in Abilene, TX now has an online Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training platform!

If you want to learn MMA or Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu the Zombie BJJ way, you can now do that even if you don’t live in Abilene, Texas. We will teach our curriculum through detailed online instructional videos to help you supplement your Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Martial Arts Training.

We will also have special guest MMA fighters and BJJ competitors at our School here in Abilene, Texas and we will shoot techniques from time to time and post them in our Online Training site.

To learn more about Zombie BJJ’s Online Martial Arts Training visist http://www.ZombieBJJOnline.com  and if you live in the local Abilene area, take advantage of our FREE 30 Day trial and call us now to schedu;e your Free intro lesson 325-864-0434

Robson Moura Nova Uniao in Abilene, TX

7 X BJJ World Champion, Robson Moura Will Be In Abilene, TX Feb 12, 2012

Make Sure To Register ASAP for this amazing BJJ seminar. We will be limiting this Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu seminar to the first 40 people and over half of the spots are already gone !

You can register today at Zombie BJJ – call 325-864-0434 or Click The BUY NOW Button Below !!!

See you on the mats

Getting a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Is your Goal to get a Black Belt in BJJ ?


Hey Zombie’s I was thinking about my journey so far in the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and about how long I have been training. One thing that seems to amaze me is that in other Martial Arts such as Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kajukembo etc… they are just so un realistic… You hear about little kids getting black belts and breaking boards and it’s just sad because these kids get a false sense of security thinking that their Black Belt will actually help them a real life situation.

I realize how fortunate enough I am to have been introduced to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu early on and not have waisted my time in other Martial Arts… but I also realize that getting a Black Belt in BJJ is NOT an easy task and that 80% of people who start BJJ NEVER make it there because of the time and effort it takes to get a BJJ Black Belt.

My Goal as an Instructor is to keep all of you motivated and to one day in the future produce MANY BJJ Black Belts … I found a short (7 min) inspiring video I hope that you all watch !

Here it is …. See You on the Mats,


Coach Jeremy

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BJ Penn Retires. My favorite BJJ fighter

BJ Penn Retires… My favorite BJJ fighter

One of the best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighters in UFC history fought a good fight tonight against Nick Diaz, but ended up losing a decision to Cesar Gracie fighter Nick Diaz. In the first round BJ Penn looked great and even took the back of Nick Diaz, but unfortunatly could not finish the fight.

The second round of this Mixed Martial Arts fight was all Nick Diaz in what was mainly a stand up fight. BJ Penn looked as if he gassed in this round but was able to survive and come out a little stronger in the third round. Unfortunatly he was not able to fully recover and ended up losing a decision in the main event of UFC 137.

One thing is for sure though and that is BJ Penn will go down in the UFC Hall of Fame as one of the best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fighters in MMA history. BJ helped put Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu on the map and prove that BJJ is one of the most effective Martial Arts Styles in the World. In my opinion BJJ is the elite Martial Art and is light years ahead of everything else if you look at a pure style vs style art.

BJ Penn was an amazing fighter and now gets to be an amazing father to his daughters…Thank You BJ Penn for all the great fights and BJJ matches you gave the World… Osss

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Why choose Zombie BJJ ?

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Why Zombie BJJ is the #1 MMA School in Abilene, TX

I wanted to write a blog post about why Zombie BJJ is the best place for you to learn MMA in Abilene. Ever since the very first UFC in 1993 it has been proven that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is the superior Martial Art if you put each Martial Art up against one another… don’t take my word for it, you can search YouTube and type in BJJ vs Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kajukembo…whatever, and you will see just how effective Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is.

Now with that being said, you still need to learn a good striking base and we have the best Muay Thai program in Abilene, TX as well. As a matter of fact you will NEVER see any pro UFC fighter breaking boards, kicking straight above their heads, or doing forms..IT’S JUST NOT REALISTIC.

But a lot of these Traditional Martial Arts Schools realized this, so they immediately slapp a BJJ sign or “claim” to teach BJJ when in reality they teach a watered down…book taught form of BJJ…it takes years of training every day on the mats with true BJJ Black Belts to get good at Jiu-Jitsu…so please don’t be fooled!

So if you want to learn MMA and REAL Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and live in the Abilene, TX area then you need to train at Zombie BJJ…we are the REAL DEAL.

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ADCC Submission Grappling Championship Results by Zombie BJJ Abilene


Some othe results from the day 1 of the ADCC are

Cyborg beat the Japanese Hulk by armlock
Glover just tapped Jarrod Bunch with
arm in guilotine
Werdum wins his match by points against Alex Trans. he was
on top attempting kimura alot
Vinny Magalhes wins his match and advances by
Jose Junior taps out Bruno Bastos with Heel Hook
Gerry Rinaldi
Braga Neto beats his opponent Igot Propors something with a
triangle. Lagarto still on japanes guys back. Xande working a triangle and
finishes his opponen
Lagarto wins
Joao Assis beats James Puopolo via
Rodolfo Vieira finishes Joe Baize, armlock from mount
Batista wins
his match! Quick elbow lock from guard
Lister wins
. David Avellan
Toquinho wins
Lovato submits his opponent via rear naked

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BJJ Training for beginners in Abilene, TX

BJJ Training for beginners in Abilene, TX

A common myth about training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or Mixed Martial Arts is that you already have to know something before joining a school. That could not be further from the truth, you have to start training BJJ first or how could you ever possibly know anything ? At Zombie BJJ we have a great program for BJJ and MMA Training for beginners, and we are the only true Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu school in Abilene, TX.

Another Myth that I often hear from people is that they belive they need to be “in shape” first before they come in to join an MMA or BJJ school. I always tell people that you don’t get in shape to learn jiu-jitsu, you learn and train jiu-jitsu to get in shape !

So if you want to learn BJJ or MMA and you live in Abilene, TX Call us Today and Stop waiting, Set Up Your FREE Lesson Now 325-864-0434